Let’s recycle, here and now!

The world is changing, waste management is evolving, on a regulatory and economic level, as well as in terms of acceptability. It’s up to us to support our customers and suppliers with their challenges, by providing reliable and economically viable solutions: As recycling is the only concrete answer.

35 years devoted to recycling plastic and production waste

Creation by Albert SCHINASI, rapidly joined by Wolfgang ARNEZEDER
Exclusive contract for German mixed plastic household waste
Creation of AGR (Anjou Général Recyclage)
Resale of Générale Recyclage to Suez. The trading arm of Général Industries is still owned by Mr Schinasi and Mr Arnezeder.
Purchase of the Blyes (Ain) site for the 1.08 Recyclage plant
Démarrage de l’installation des unités de production + Achat du site de Blyes (Ain) pour implanter usine 1.08 Recyclage
Start of the establishment of production units. / 2021 Basel Convention prohibiting the export of European plastic waste to non-EU countries
Ramping-up of 1.08 Recyclage production to 25,000 tonnes a year

The values that drive us


Daring to imagine, design and, most importantly, implement game-changing innovations: that’s our definition of a challenge. A daily challenge, because every day is different from the one before when you are determined to push back the accepted boundaries.


For our customers and suppliers, and among employees, we conduct our business with a constant commitment to serving each other and, more generally, the society we live in.


Know-how and skills are essential in our highly demanding specialist areas. Transparency, courtesy and keeping one’s word are the keys to trust, which forms the basis of an effective and lasting relationship.


The waste sector is both one of transformation and one undergoing transformation. For our part, we anticipate market expectations and offer new solutions that are economically, industrially and environmentally successful.

A word from the President

First of all, thank you for your interest in General Industries!

I am sure that, like us, you want to live in a world that is seeking to resolve its pollution issues, to reduce its CO2 emissions, and much more. This is what our teams have been doing every day since 1987, and I would like to thank them for it! With a commitment to monitoring every batch of goods exported, to ensure they are recycled in the right conditions, traced and flawlessly. The Basel Convention was an opportunity to be seized, as it enables us to recycle domestically and to create jobs, which is what we are doing with our first 1.08 Recyclage plant in Blyes, near Lyon, which produces recycled plastic material that is ready to be reused.

And this is just the beginning of this amazing adventure to recycle here and now!


Notre équipe

Albert Schinasi

President and Founder

Clément Nollet

Managing Director

Hélène Herrero

Commercial Assistant

Nadine Brilich


Bruno Nunes

Plastic Materials Department Manager

Frederic halimi

Management Controller

Wolfgang Arnezeder


Vincent hauspied

Regenerated Plastic Pellets Department Manager

Nataliya Huret

Commercial Assistant

Audrey Ciccariello


Philippe Ferrer

Resins and Polymers Department Manager

Marie josée Curto

Commercial Assistant

Lauriane Benjamin

QHSE Manager

Jean Paul Darmon

Resins and Polymers Department Director

Amine Berrada

Resins and Polymers Business Manager


The General Industries success story is being written every day, in an ever-changing market, in the company of committed and enthusiastic employees. Autonomy, a sense of responsibility and a love of teamwork are the personal qualities we are looking for, in addition to the specific skills required for the particular role. We are currently recruiting for a number of positions, to support the vast increase in capacity at the production plant operated by our subsidiary 1.08 Recyclage in Blyes, in the Lyon area.

Submit your application for a position at our headquarters in Aix

View vacancies at our subsidiary 1.08 Recyclage