“Alone we go faster, together we go further”: this proverb perfectly applies to our business project. Because creating from scratch, in France, a facility that will revolutionize the treatment of WEEE plastic waste in the long term, requires major investments.

From the very beginning of the project, GENERAL INDUSTRIES Group has established partnerships thanks to which the 1.08 RECYCLING plant was able to see the light of day, to start equipping itself, and then to reach its cruising speed today. In the first rank of the partners who trust us, we find several banks, which we would like to thank today.

BNP PARIBAS, a historical partner of GENERAL INDUSTRIES, intervenes within the framework of two banking poles constituted to finance two extruders, in partnership with LCL for the 90.1, and with CREDIT AGRICOLE for the 90.2. All these operations are supported by BPI France, which provides the necessary counter-guarantees for this type of deal.

The CREDIT AGRICOLE is the most ancient financial partner of 1.08 RECYCLAGE. And yes, even if our company was only created in 2019, it has historical partners! The first shredders, the washing installations, in particular, were financed with the CREDIT AGRICOLE.

Other banking partners also provide us with valuable and appreciated support: the CIC for a compressed air plant and our very first extruder, the SOCIETE GENERALE for the latest shredder, and the CAISSE D’EPARGNE Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes for the solar panels.

To all of you: THANK YOU!

Indeed, the reindustrialization of the country is making headlines in the media. It is a vital ambition, and to move forward concretely, it is necessary to bring together industries with future-oriented projects, and financers who are committed to green investments, with objectives of decarbonization of industry, or development of the circular economy for example. And 1.08 RECYCLING ticks all the boxes!

The result: job creation (50 jobs by the end of 2023 on our Blyes site), innovative industrial production, new virtuous solutions for regional plastics manufacturers.

This reindustrialization requires the emergence of solid local players, able to develop in a sustainable manner in markets that are both competitive and undergoing major changes.

Recycle: here and now! Because here, we are supported!