Changes in consumption habits are being accompanied by rapid regulatory developments designed to reduce the industrial sector’s environmental impact. Thus, “ … the manufacturers and importers of products generating waste ((are obliged) to inform consumers of the environmental attributes and characteristics of their products, in particular: the incorporation of recycled material, … ” (Decree no. 2022-748 of 29th April 2022).

Our specialist areas: producing recycled raw material, or putting plastic and production waste back into the production circuit.

1.08 Recyclage plant

A new standard in the plastic waste recycling industry

Our dual trading and industry expertise gives us a special place in the recycling landscape: we know who is able to process a certain type of waste, who would want to buy it, for what use and on which market. The creation of a new generation plant meets the specific needs of manufacturers, at all levels of the value chain.

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Plastic materials trading

  • Post-consumer plastics
  • Post-industrial plastics
  • Regenerated and production waste plastics


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Resin and polymer distribution

Scrap products
C5, C9, DCPD, Rosin Esters, EVA.

Prime products

Hot Melt, Adhesives and Sealants, Rubber, Asphalt and Coatings, Footwear


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