Over the past few days, all our teams have been working on a satisfaction survey, which we have sent out to over 150 customers worldwide.

It’s an opportunity to take a close look at all our services and the quality of our relationship, because your opinion is essential to us.

This survey will enable us to better understand your expectations, assess our current performance and identify areas for further improvement.

Your responses will help us shape our solutions and strengthen our commitment to you, across a wide range of topics:

The service itself: product quality, service quality, on-time delivery, packaging quality, etc.

Our added value: do we help you achieve your objectives? Do we take your constraints into account? Are your contacts providing you with the service you expect? Etc


If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to take a few minutes to share your experience by answering our survey before August 31, 2023.

Your comments will be invaluable and will help us continue to bring you all our expertise, at the heart of your environmental and industrial challenges!

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See you soon!